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Domination3000, later known as GhostWriter16 was a CFC forumer who gained a reputation in Off-Topic, the Civ 5 forums, and Forum Games for a provocative and abrasive attitude, and is infamous in Imperium Offtopicum for being a powergamer and/or imperialist warmonger. During his first year or so on the site, he was iconic for ultra-right-wing, fundamentalist viewpoints, although he shifted slightly to the left after prolonged exposure to OT. As Domination himself remarked: "I've learned so much since then, it was honestly kinda shocking."[1]

Despite this, his slight shift left only took his image from "ultra-right-wing" to "Still very right wing," and he is still viewed unfavorably by many forumers for his provocative attitude and IOT antics. It also led to frequent run-ins with the mods, and he was regularly banned for flaming and trolling in his early days. He matured a bit as time went on and his infractions and bans became less frequent, but still not that infrequent. Eventually, his antics reached the point where the moderators banned him permanently.

Imperium Offtopicum

Deservedly or not, Domination gained a reputation in Imperium Offtopicum for trolling, imperialism, and powergaming, right from when he first joined in IOT 4. Together with Mathalamus and Omega124, he was one of the major reasons for the thread's decline and, ultimately, death. Some of the biggest complaints against him were levelled in IOT II; again, he acted like an imperialist powergamer, this time in North America, to the point where he made two other North American nations quit in disgust. He started and quickly stopped several world wars, then eventually ragequit when every other nation in the game got tired of his shenanigans and declared war on him.[2] He then rejoined two minutes later as an NPC in South America[3], remaining for a while and continuing doing pretty much the same things he'd been doing in North America. He did eventually ragequit again[4][5] and didn't come back this time... until around 40 pages and 1 month later.[6] His persistent defence of his actions was that he did not understand the game in general.[7][8][9][10] This couldn't excuse what happened next: on October 13, he rejoined yet again and immediately nuked CivGeneral's nation,[11] unapologetically[12][13][14][15] provoking war with pretty much everyone else in the game. Incredibly, Taniciusfox appeared to condone his behaviour.[16]

Their beef is with you, not the fictional leader ruling your fictional country.

— choxorn

In DRAW Your Own Story 11, he was lampooned, along with everything else that is wrong with IOT II, by choxorn[17], and some of his OT shenanigans have been alluded to by taillesskangaru[18]. He was also lampooned by CivGeneral when Domination3000 entered e350tb's Ye Olde Imperium Offtopicum game.[19]

More recently, he has become much less disliked by IOT'ers, as he no longer posts as much in IOT and has toned down his antics when he has posted there. They have also been occupied by the antics of the far more annoying christos200, and just as Domination had earlier made Mathalamus seem more reasonable by comparison, christos had the same effect on Domination.