Doolittle's Raid on Helgan Prime

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Doolittle's Raid on Helgan Prime
Part of the Third Nazi War
Doolittle's starfighters assaulting a Space Nazi factory
DateFebuary 28, 2009
LocationHelgan Prime

First attack on Space Nazi Homeland;

Allied propaganda victory
Republic of Coruscant Greater German Space Reich
Commanders and leaders
Rear Admiral Brock
Commodore James Doolittle
16 ARC-170s Unknown
Casualties and losses
None Unknown

Doolittle's Raid on Helgan Prime was the first air raid by the Republic of Coruscant to strike the Space Nazi homeland during the Third Nazi War. It demonstrated that the Space Nazis were vulnerable to allied air attacks while providing an expedient means for Coruscanti retaliation for the Space Nazis' attack on Elysia and invasion into Earth. In a letter to the "Big Three" Allied leaders CivGeneral, Thorvald and Spongebob Squarepants, Commodore James "Hazard" Doolittle wrote:

The Space Nazis have been told they were invulnerable. An attack on the Space Nazi homeland of Helgan Prime would cause confusion in the minds of the Space Nazi people and sow doubts of reliability of there [sic] leaders. There was a second, equally important, psychological reason for this attack. The Coruscanti [sic] badly needed a revenge for what has happened on Elysia as well as a collective allied message that we mean business and not going to lie around and take it. Call it a 'Brooklyn Rage of the World' so to speek [sic].

Sixteen ARC-170s were launched from the Executor-class Star Destroyer Hornet deep within Space Nazi space. The plan was to hit military and industrial targets on Helgan Prime. Initially, they were supposed to be launched 400 Distances away from the planet but instead had to be launched 624 LDs away due to a patrolling Space Nazi fleet which forced the Coruscanti fleet to open fire and launch the fighters to maintain the element of surprise.

The raid caused little damage to the infrastructure on Helgan Prime, but succeeded in its goal of delivering a message of Allied solidarity. The event also caused the Space Nazis to recall their fleets from Elysia and Daiban to concentrate in defense of the home planet, thus paving the way of the liberation of the two planets in the future.