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Ivanna Dostya
Dostya as depicted in Supreme Commander
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 10
Nickname(s) "You backstabbing..." (by Stylesrj)
Species Human/Machine
Gender Female
Date of birth Unspecified
Age Unknown
Address Sajuuk

Military Attaché

  • Professional Backstabber
  • Lawyer
Nationality Russian

Ivanna Dostya is a Cybran commander from the game Supreme Commander and military attaché to Dr. Gustaf Brackman. She was frequently featured as one of Stylesrj's characters in DRAW Your Own Story 10, although appearing as little more than another soldier. Under Stylesrj, Dostya would frequently end all her statements with "Dostya out!", even if the conversation had not finished.

During the Church of Scientology v. Stylesrj crisis, she was assigned to be a lawyer for Stylesrj, after she was to download a program for her cyberbrain that would make her a competent lawyer. But during a trip to North Korea, Stylesrj was captured, leaving Dostya stuck in the Eastern Union to fight the Combine presence.
After accidentally blowing up the Combine Citadel by destroying a main control panel, she was left behind by Coruscant forces to find Stylesrj.

She later on busted him out of prison in North Korea, to a tune of Mission Impossible and narrowly escaped being swatted by the Daibijin to arrive in North America where the case was being held.

However, Stylesrj at the last minute decided to represent himself in the case and won, thus making Dostya's learning irrelevant.

She still accompanied Stylesrj though to Japan to help fight the Combine remnants and find Mr. Toyoda, only to be ambushed by zombies when confronting Captain Tōjō with the gang...

After fleeing from zombies in Hokkaido, Dostya unexpectedly[1] backstabbed Brackman and Stylesrj and killed them, making that the ten millionth time Stylesrj has died in DYOS.


Dostya returns as Commander Laes' military attaché and perhaps a possible girlfriend.

She didn't seem to do much, except show up and provide moral support to Laes. However, once the dreadnought Sajuuk was destroyed, she immediately went to flee the system. Her right arm was missing from the ensuing conflict, so she made a quick stop through the wreckage and grafted a new arm for herself. Unknowingly, or perhaps knowingly, it was Commander Laes' right arm, which shortly possessed her, thus creating Dostya SEAL.

It is unknown who is in control once Dostya appeared again at Project Titan to secure it for herself and to fight off anyone who would take it.

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  1. she was roleplaying as a rogue though... so it's debatable