Adolf Zimmer

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Dr. Adolf Hanz Zimmer
Male_08, showcasing Dr. Zimmer's face model. Temporary Photo
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 10.5
Last appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Nickname(s) Dr. Adolf Zimmer, Dr. Adolf
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth July 21st, 1959
Age 59
Address Zebes (DYOS 10.5)
New Port City (DYOS 11)
Occupation Computer expert
Religion Roman Catholic
Nationality Space Nazis, later Coruscanti

Dr. Adolf Hanz Zimmer is a computer scientist working for the Greater German Space Reich during DRAW Your Own Story 10.5. He was the mastermind behind Mother Brain 2.0.


Unlike many who fled into space with Manfred Hickten, Dr. Zimmer had no interest in politics, seeing them as "a plaything for debaters"; nevertheless, he tagged along as part of the Space Nazis' computer teams.

Dr. Zimmer has always been fascinated with stories from other spacers about the Federation's Aurora Unit, an organic supercomputer. Zimmer wishes to seek out the technology, as the possibilities of an organic computer are endless. However, even with the most creative approaches to Space Nazi technology, he could only create Robobrains.

Mother Brain 2.0

Dr. Zimmer received the chance of a lifetime after the Space Nazis invaded Zebes and brought back vials of Parasite X, Metroids, and a hard disk containing the software for Mother Brain. Dr. Zimmer proposed to Führer Hickten that if put to use as a CPU for the command nexus, Mother Brain would make the Space Nazi military more efficient. Hickten gave the go-ahead for Zimmer to create her.

Utilizing salvaged parts from GlaDOS after Stylesrj destroyed Aperture Science many DYOSes ago, Dr. Zimmer began development of Mother Brain using GlaDOS' source code as an environment emulator, including patches to better utilize GlaDOS's hardware.

At the time the Space Nazis attacked the Republic of Coruscant, Dr. Zimmer was slowly working on an update for Mother Brain 2.0 to facilitate the transition to an organic computer interface.

Space Nazi defeat

After the Space Nazis were defeated by Coruscant, Dr. Zimmer was taken into custody after surrendering to Coruscanti troops. While Coruscant was suspicious of any Space Nazis and sought to prevent a repeat of the exodus of key leaders after the First Nazi War, Zimmer was granted limited privileges in recognition of his amicable cooperation with authorities.

Space Pirate Resurgence & The Hax

Dr. Zimmer became concerned over his creation after hearing news of the widespread haxs plaguing the Internet. Zimmer alerted the Coruscantis that Mother Brain 2.0 would wreak havoc on the universe if she went rogue or was subverted by the Hacker.

No one believed in him, partly due to the Coruscantis' understanding that Samus Aran defeated Mother Brain twice, and dismissed his stories as nothing but tall tales and Nazi propaganda.

Behind the Scenes

  • Dr. Adolf Zimmer is in homage to Dr. Zimmer from Fallout 3. Both are concerned for their android/computer (Harkness and Mother Brain, respectively). Yet both have different motives: where the Zimmer of FO3 simply wants to take back Harkness, DYOS Zimmer wants Mother Brain shut down and destroyed. Dr. Zimmer is also a homage to Wernher von Braun
  • Dr. Zimmer uses the Male_08 model dressed in a labcoat.