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The Nes world stands at cross points. Many new people have infiltrated the forum. Some are already good. Others are at cross roads. But some are horrid spammers. They can easily give death kisses to threads. Alone they were bad enough. But, a so called "Prince of Destruction" had plans for global domination. He has gathered them into an army, the Brotherhood of Spam. Nuclear kid, desperate for help has called forth the Nesers to protect the Nes forum becoming a desolate wasteland. They must use their Empires on Earth to combat them. So begins...

Draw Your Own Nes (DYONES) is a copycat spin-off thread started by Nuclear kid, stealing importing the DYOS tradition into the NES Forum. Its format is essentially identical to "DRAW Your Own Story". Initially, the thread did attract the attention of several posters and a plot began to form around the aforementioned Brotherhood of Spam. Soon, however, OOC conflict arose, escalating to flame skirmishes (not a war yet). Some found the thread a pale imitation/mockery of DYOS and/or inappropriate for the NES forum.

The thread ran for 13 pages from April 21 to May 14, 2008, when it was closed by Matrix the Moderator due to derailment, flaming, spamming and general pointlessness.


The key difference.


Draw Your Own Nes