Guilhem Drouault

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Guilhem Drouault
Drouault in France during the Third Nazi War
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 10
Created by Thorvald of Lym
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth 1977
Age 33-34
Occupation Journalist
Nationality French

Guilhem Drouault is a field reporter for the state news agency of the Eastern Union, Union News Network. He is a foreign correspondent specializing in Western European socio-political affairs, especially those of Germany and his native France.

Drouault was hired as part of the Union's "localization" hypothesis, which theorized that journalists employed in their home countries would provide more in-depth, "objective" reports than Union natives assigned overseas. The idea has gained mixed reception, although it has contributed to the perception that the state news is at least attempting to avoid bias.

Stories covered

Fun Facts

  • Drouault is named after someone Thorvald actually knew (although any resemblance is completely unintended). This has also been witnessed in the character Octavia Deaconescu.