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A Coruscanti EW-205 leading a convoy of tanks

The EW-205 or the All Terrain Assault Tank EW-205 is a combat tank manufactured by Kenbishi Corporation, seen in one episode of both Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and 2nd GIG, in the Ghost in the Shell Playstation 2 game, and as an American Empire tank in UN paint scheme. It has vertical tracks and a standard tank gun, giving it the appearance of a conventional tank on tread stilts.

Use in the Republic of Coruscant

The Republic of Coruscant required major modifications to the original schematics by Kenbishi before the vehicle was entered into military service. In accordance with military protocol requiring an operational crew at all times, the artificial intelligence was replaced with rudimentary point-defensive systems to guard against anti-tank warfare from air and land, while providing advanced range-finding AI for the crew.

The EW-205, along with the A-8 Tiger and the Leopard 2A4, serves as the backbone of the Republic's main battle tank line.


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