Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer

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"Yo momma's so fat, KDY christened her the next generation of Star Destroyer!"
Kendal Ozzel
"Wonderful name it has— the Eclipse. It certainly blocked out my view of the police cruisers."
— Tyber Zann
Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought
"Say hello to my leetle friend!"
Class overview
Builders: Kuat Drive Yards
Operators:  Republic of Coruscant
Active: 8
Type:Star dreadnought, superweapon
Crew:88 500 - 712 645

The Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer (also designated as a Star Dreadnought) is the largest capital ship in the Imperial Coruscanti starfleet. It combines the Death Star's potential for ecological devastation with the sheer creepiness of the monoliths from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Currently, Fleet Admiral Kendal Ozzel leads a sentry of Eclipses on patrol between Combine-Coruscant space to enforce the Treaty of Arrakis.

Coruscanti MAD doctrine

As with the United States during the Cold War, the Republic of Coruscant uses these ships as a form of deterrent against Combine aggression toward Coruscant and its allies. To the top naval brass of the Coruscanti Navy Space Division, it fills the equivalent tactical niche of a fully-armed American ballistic missile submarine. The use of the superlaser, capable of one-hit kills on ships in addition to destroying your planet, requires the explicit authorization of the Chancellor of Coruscant. Currently, the Eclipse Star Destroyers are specially outfitted for extended border patrols.

Known Eclipse-class Star Dreadnoughts

  • RNS Eclipse - Flagship
  • RNS Thor
  • RNS Vengeance
  • RNS Olympic
  • RNS Ohio - Named after the Ohio-class ballistic submarines of the US Navy
  • RNS Grayback
  • RNS Trident
  • RNS Zeus