Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley
I don't mean to be steppin' on your blue suede shoes sir, but a land without luxuries, is like a hound dog without a bone: it's not happy.
Elvis in the modern age
Created by Vernon Elvis & Gladys Love Presley
Portrayed by Various
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth January 8, 1935
Date of death Living with Bigfoot
Age Ageless
Occupation King of Rock 'n Roll
Entertainment Advisor
Nationality 22px CivFanatica, Civilization series

The legendary Elvis Presley has had a successful career after being abducted by aliens. Since escaping his captors, he found refuge within Sid Meier's Civilization. At first he was the guy who generates luxury in Civilization I, was promoted to Entertainment Advisor in Civilization II, then he once again portrays the guy who generates luxury (not gems) in Civilization III and goes from skinny Elvis in the ancient ages to the fat Elvis in the modern ages. In later expansion packs, he was featured as his own unit, and was the modern era incarnation of the Civ IV Great Artist.

In DRAW Your Own Story 11, Elvis was one of the hostages freed following the Manzen Temple Skirmish.[1]