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Enclave of America

The Enclave at the height of power in America (left), and its subsequent conquests in the Pacific.
The Enclave at the height of power in America (left), and its subsequent conquests in the Pacific.
StatusPuppet state of the Combine Empire
CapitalLos Angeles
Capital-in-exilePacific oil rig
Common languagesEnglish
GovernmentMilitary conspiracy
• 2009–2011
Wallace Breen
National hero(es)Brigadier Jackson
•  Established
ca. late 2009
January 2010
ca. April 2010
•  Capitulation
30 January 2011
CurrencyBottlecaps U.S. Dollar?
Preceded by
Succeeded by
United States
Republic of Coruscant

The Enclave is an antagonistic pseudo-nation in Plans Within Plans affiliated with the Combine Bloc. Led by former Combine premier Dr. Wallace Breen, at story's start it has taken control of most of the United States of America in preparation for a joint invasion of the Republic of Coruscant alongside the Greater German Space Reich.[1] The Enclave is the main Earth-bound opposing faction early on, but is unable to hold the line against Coruscant and is expelled from the continent by the time the Space Nazis arrive.[2] It subsequently conquers most of South-East Asia in preparation for an invasion of Japan, but receives no support from its allies and is defeated in a Coruscanti counterattack.[3]

Remnant Enclave forces reappear in DRAW Your Own Story 11 as minor villains in the Project Titan plot.

In the Fallout universe

The Enclave is a shadowy, militaristic organization, directly descended from the pre-War United States government and military–industrial complex, that claims to still have authority over the ravaged country and serves as the main antagonist in Fallout 2 and Fallout 3. It is composed mostly of the descendants of government officials and military officers with ties to powerful corporations who retreated to a Poseidon Energy oil rig when the Great War started. They generally consider most people born outside the Enclave to be mutants fit only for eradication. Because of this rather intolerant stance and its desire to rebuild America's 'glorious past', the Enclave has been described as 'ultra right-wing' and 'neoconservative'.


In the wake of the Battle of Arrakis, the Combine Empire conceded to peace with the Republic of Coruscant while it fought against the Imperium.[4] Seeking to continue the war covertly, it established the Enclave as an Earth-based puppet state, with Dr. Breen serving as "President for Life". The Enclave presented itself as an organization aiming to restore the United States of America to its glorious past following the global collapse at the start of DYOS 10.5, securing all US states and territories not already controlled by Coruscant.[1] Prior to a public address delivered by Breen, the Enclave enjoyed political obscurity and was unrecognized on the world stage.

Military organization

Enclave troopers in Advanced Power Armor, with a Vertibird in the background.

The Enclave's primary headquarters were located in Los Angeles, California, with a forward military base near Washington, D.C..[5] The Enclave's armed forces relied primarily on power armor and Vertibird VTOLs, supplemented with surviving American military equipment and conscript battalions.[6] It lacked substantive air and naval assets, apparently intending to rely on support from the Space Nazis during conflict with Coruscant.

Enclave uniforms and power armor were adopted by Coruscant following the war.

Biological warfare program

One of the Enclave's objectives was the destruction of the Gargantua; to this end, Breen oversaw research into the X Parasite as a controllable bio-weapon to replace headcrabs used by the Combine in the previous war, creating clones of CivGeneral and Samus Aran that served as his lieutenants.[7] The Enclave's retreat from America suspended further development, and existing research was transferred to the Space Nazis.[8] Remaining stores were used in a bio-bomb intended as a revenge weapon if the assault on Japan failed.[9]

Campaign against Coruscant

The Enclave was created as a springboard for a direct attack on Coruscant's holdings in North America, including New Port City itself. Following the Space Nazi assault on Elysia, Breen launched an invasion of Coruscanti-held Washington, D.C., hoping to gain initiative before New Port recovered from the shock.[10]

Breen also ordered the capture of CivGeneral, hoping to employ him in common cause against the Gargantua; CG and his travelling party were abducted by the X-clones while travelling near Las Vegas and brought to local headquarters.[11] Coruscant retaliated with a continental offensive that conquered most of the United States in mere days, while a commando team stormed the Vegas base and rescued the heroes.[12]

Rather than reinforcing America as Breen had hoped, Manfred Hickten instead deployed the Space Nazis into Europe.[13] Despite implied strategic encirclement, forces in D.C. continued to hold out until the assassination of their commanding officer. Determining the front lost, Breen began evacuating surviving troops out of the USA to re-establish command in the South Pacific.[2]

While Coruscant pursued the Enclave into America's Pacific territories, the offensive's pace slowed, buying Breen time to subjugate countries across Southeast Asia in preparation for a counteroffensive.[8] Coruscant's nuclear strike on interim headquarters prompted Breen to launch an invasion into Japan in a last-ditch attempt to stall Coruscant before he was completely overrun.[14] By now the Enclave had lost the element of surprise, and the invasion fleet was intercepted by Eastern Union air forces on military alert since February that year.[15][16] Nevertheless, Breen was able to secure beachheads across much of the country, leading to a prolonged battle for Tokyo.[17]

Coruscant retaliated with its own invasion of Enclave positions.[18] Overstretched and demoralized, Enclave commanders began unilaterally surrendering and the Japanese offensive broke down. Breen made one last appeal directly to Nikita Brezhnev for an eleventh-hour rescue, only to learn Brezhnev intended to bleed out both the Enclave and Space Nazis before the Combine rejoined the war. Breen was captured shortly afterwards, and tendered unconditional surrender to Major Kusanagi.[3] Coruscant subsequently occupied all former Enclave territories, giving it full control over most of Indochina and the South Pacific.

Divergence from Combine Bloc

Satirical cartoon of reforming former Enclave members

Despite the Enclave's posture as an enemy faction, Dr. Breen appeared willing to defect from the Combine bloc. CivGeneral's kidnapping turned out to be a ploy to establish a dialogue, in which Breen confided that he did not trust Brezhnev's motives, and hinted at a looming foe even more catastrophic than the Gargantua.[12] CivGeneral refused to make common cause, and Breen made no further overtures for the rest of the war.

Suggestions of intra-alliance sabotage

The Enclave's poor performance during the war may have been due to betrayal within the alliance itself. In Frank von Horrigan's briefing early into the invasion of Earth, he suggested the Enclave was expected to fail and that the Space Nazis would only move in on the Pacific once it was defeated.[19] Breen's fears over Brezhnev proved true when the Premier rejected pleas for reinforcements, stating point-blank he did not intend the Combine Bloc to survive the war.[3]


Enclave Remnants
Participant in the Quest for Project Titan
Active2009 – 2010
HeadquartersChiron, Alpha Centauri
Battles and warsBattle of Chiron

As the Japanese offensive in DYOS 10.5 collapsed, several officers deserted to avoid capture by Coruscanti forces.[3] One such officer, Bernard Maxium, surfaced in DRAW Your Own Story 11 as director of the Umbrella Corporation's operations on Hyrule.[20]

Remnant Enclave forces re-emerged during the HAAAX Crisis, Pul Wat Aa delivering an overwhelming contingent of troops to Stylesrj's secret base.[21] Recognizing Rhiza Kalanin as a wanted terrorist for her connections to the Talon Company[22], the troopers gave pursuit, but were roundly dispatched with the help of Dr. Hax.[23] Rhiza revealed that during her mission with the Talons she had acquired data on a project the Enclave was pursuing, codenamed "Titan".[24]

A subsequent search for databanks led Stylesrj's team to an Enclave base on Chiron, where Stylesrj launched a full-scale assault to seize the databanks before they could be compromised.[25] The command team penetrated the inner base, only to find the main console was a trap; Rhiza was captured by the base commander "Mobo", AKA General Townes, while Stylesrj was forced to regroup.[26] After mustering reinforcements from General Ironside, Stylesrj launched a second attack to rescue his wife.[27] A mortally-wounded Townes confessed the Enclave Remnant was a front,[28] ultimately revealed to be an elaborate ploy by Chuck the Freaking Alien to acquire a Stargate.[29]

Behind the Scenes

Due to the lack of Enclave Advanced Power Armor MK II found in Fallout 3 for Garry's Mod, CivGeneral substituted the Classic Enclave Power Armor seen in Fallout 2. The Tesla Power Armor from Fallout 3 still makes its appearance.


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