Enclave invasion of Japan

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Enclave invasion of Japan
Part of the Enclave Front
Enclave street skirmish.jpg
Major Kusanagi fights Enclave troopers in Tokyo
Date 2010, exact date disputed – 30 January 2011
Location Japan
Result Enclave capitulation
Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and various southern Chinese provinces occupied by Coruscant
Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3).png Enclave
Commanders and leaders

The Enclave invasion of Japan was a "last-ditch" attempt by the Enclave under Dr. Breen to break the Republic of Coruscant by neutralizing its Pacific command center. The exact date of commencement is uncertain, with claims ranging from March 28[1] to April 20[2]. The campaign ended with the capture of Dr. Breen and the surrender of Enclave forces.[3]


Defeat after defeat in South-East Asia led the Enclave to grow increasingly desperate. The idea of invading Japan had circulated through military command before,[4] but was dismissed as too ambitious and strategically unsound; it was not acted upon until the Coruscantis dropped a tactical nuclear bomb on an offshore rig serving as interim headquarters.[1] With the Greater German Space Reich self-absorbed in its European campaign, the Enclave found itself fighting for survival.


Much like the Battle of Washington, D.C., the Enclave's rapid attack caught the Coruscantis by surprise, but experience from the American theater helped them stall the advance in Tokyo. The initial landing was also hampered by the Eastern Union, who had commenced planning for an Enclave invasion months earlier.[5] Aircraft operating out of Primorsky Krai exploited the Enclave's lack of dedicated air support to sink transport craft bound for the Japanese shore as the Pacific Fleet secured the Sea of Japan. Many of these operations occurred before the invasion proper; as consequence, Union military officials assert combat began April 2.[6]

The Zombies also became involved; while on their search for Mr. Toyoda, they went to Japan looking for Kuraki Tojikawa and soon got caught up in the fight.[7] With some help from Coruscanti guns, they fought the Enclave a bit, although their involvement was limited to random skirmishes and dogfights.

Coruscanti counteroffensive

The tables began to turn with the launch of Operation MacArthur, a Coruscanti counteroffensive into Enclave holdouts in Southeast Asia.[8] Receiving support from neither the Greater German Space Reich nor the Combine Empire, Breen found himself burdened with a losing war. In an attempt to scorch earth, CG-X tried to deploy a biochemical bomb in Tokyo, but was intercepted by Kusanagi before detonation.[9] When Breen pleaded for help, Premier Brezhnev dismissed the Enclave as having "outlasted it's usefullness"[sic]. Faced with inevitable defeat, commanders across the theatre began surrendering to Coruscanti troops without a fight. Not long afterwards, Breen was found alone in a bookstore where he formally surrendered.[3] All previously-held Enclave territory was subsequently occupied by Coruscant.