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Europa Universalis is the common name of the alliance between the Eastern Union and Free Western Army, instituted by the end of the Second Napoleonic War. While a formal contract, it is maintained chiefly through goodwill, the treaty itself containing only a handful of binding clauses enforced on a bona fide basis. The alliance aims to foster mutual co-operation between the two parties in such fields as trade and culture, continental defence, science and technology, human rights, and environmental protection.

With the defeat of Napoleon and the ensuing Treaty of Paris, nearly all of Europe fell under the control of either the Union or the FWA. Seeing themselves as two sides to the same coin, they worked together to bring the continent back on its feet under the banner of "Universal Europe", the motto later adopted as a name for the alliance itself. The two blocs became closely interconnected, particularly in military matters, with numerous exchange officers from both sides in regular rotation. While stopping short of actual integration, Western and Eastern intelligence agencies are in such close contact with each other that one British officer candidly described: 'Sneeze in Lisbon and you'll hear a "Bless you" from Chelny.'

The alliance has not been without its detractors. Vagueness in the treaty text has led to confusion regarding what circumstances demand a collective response, and the appropriate method of assistance. A frequent, if not entirely accurate criticism has been that while the two powers have pledged mutual support to each other, nothing in the treaty holds them to their promises, and that the alliance's integrity relies on neither signatory having a change of heart. FWA field marshal Bernard Montgomery has said that the original treaty text "was a placeholder, a legal foundation for a hastily-constructed war-time alliance. It's been due for an update for years."

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