Executor-class Super Star Destroyer

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Executor-class Star Dreadnought
Class overview
Builders: Kuat Drive Yards
Operators:  Republic of Coruscant
 Second Galactic Empire
Cost: More than your life
In service: One per map
Type:Carrier, space battleship
Crew:50 000 - 280 734
"With the Executor under my command, I will be the ultimate power in the universe!"
Admiral Ozzel, mistaking himself for Admiral Motti

The Executor-class Star Dreadnought, colloquially known as the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer or Executor-class Star Destroyer, is a heavy warship class in the Star Dreadnaught league, often employed as command ships by their operators. At their prime, they were among the largest vessels in the galaxy, second only to the Eclipse-class and superweapons like the Death Stars, and were almost invincible in combat, although they were costly to operate.

The Executor-class was the brainchild of Lira Wessex, the brilliant and ambitious engineer who already had the designs of the Venator-class and Imperator-class (later renamed Imperial-class) Star Destroyers to her credit. Following her work on the already-impressive Imperial-class, Wessex sought to improve on the design. Adhering to Kuat Drive Yards' philosophy of psychological effect in starship design, or "triangle styling", she believed that the Pythagorean shape of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer was largely responsible for its ability to intimidate opponents.

In Star Wars canon, only a few of these ships were ever turned out by the Empire, the most famous being the Executor itself, the flagship of Darth Vader's infamous Death Squadron. The last Executor-class dreadnought was the Ravager, which was disabled and crash-landed on the planet Jakku soon after the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War.

Executor-class ships have appeared on several occasions in DYOS, usually as command ships in the employ of the Republic of Coruscant.

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