Fate West

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Fate West
Fate West.png
She's not Lucy West!
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11, May 9th 2010
No. appearances Every current narration
Nickname(s) Kwai's Girlfriend. Not Lucy
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of birth Unknown
Age Young
Address Narratorspace
Occupation DYOS Narrator's Assistant.
Spouse(s) Kwai (boyfriend)
Relatives Lucy West (stepsister)
Religion Atheist
Nationality American

The girlfriend of General Kwai, Fate was introduced in DYOS 11 when Kwai indicated he wanted character development. In the next comic, Fate seemed to have come out of nowhere to assist with Kwai's character development... apparently they had been girlfriend/boyfriend for years, since high school.

Great Ice Cream Debacle

Wise words, Fate. Wise words.

This was the reason why the two never got married. Kwai was about to propose when an ice cream truck rolled past their house. They were preparing their cash for purchase of the frozen treat when Stylesrj and Stylesjl began arguing over what ice cream to get, prompting the driver to leave.

Kwai complained how he wasn't able to get Pecan flavoured ice cream, to which Fate argued that Loganberry was the right flavour.

One thing that the couple do agree on though is where a certain European country is located and if they start to argue, dropping the name is the best way to stop it.

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