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First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Species "Demon"
Gender Male
Date of birth unknown
Age Undefined
Occupation General,
Lucifer's Right Hand
Nationality None

Known as the right hand of Lucifer, Faust is one of the generals in Lucifer's Demon Clan. His monster-like appearance counters his gentlemanly behavior, so at a first glance, he can seem quite threatening. Faust is trying to observe Lucifer's journey, and he makes sure that all is going well for his leader. He doesn't have a good relationship with Mephiles.


Most of Faust's background is not well known. Most have depicted him as a former natural human being with the desire to become one with the overworld, others believe that he's a spawn from Lucifer's essence. Nevertheless, Faust came to Lucifer's realm and was one of the first demons to serve under Lucifer himself. He often used to try to defeat Lucifer's enemies through diplomatic speech and conversation, although he eventually would end up in fighting them with hand-to-hand combat. He gained his uttermost respect for Lucifer from the start, when Lucifer created his realm and started the great clan which Faust was accepted into, due to his almost-limitless knowlegde and his superior abillities compared to the majority of Lucifer's troops. He was widely accepted by both Lucifer's nemesis and Lucifer himself, when they learned of his morals and visions for the universe. Faust have since begun to deal with the various adminstrative problems in the realm (often caused by Lucifer and traitorous demons.) and is now struggling to earn the cooperation and respect of Mephiles.


Faust initially opposed Lucifer's trip to Earth, but has gradually come to accept it, since Lucifer was already confident about his new plan. Faust gave Lucifer a parting message before he headed off to the dimensional realms: "Be sure to summon us whenever you're in a dire situation, m'lord!". (Clearly, Lucifer ignored this request, since he has been through lots of trouble throughout DYOS XI, but he had never tried to summon any of his minions untill he gave up on his task to retrieve his hat.) He was left to hold guard of Lucifer's domain until he returned. While Lucifer's been gone, Faust and Mephiles had trouble cooperating. Faust eventually turned violent against Mephiles and sent her to Mephisto. He went to her later to apologise for his violent outburst, but got back a snappy remark from Mephisto, implying that Faust didn't have to worry about it, since he didn't mean to hurt Mephiles originally. Faust went ahead to follow his duties once again, but was briefly interrupted while attacking a demon, due to Lucifer conjuring a portal so he could summon his demons. Faust, delighted to see Lucifer once again, asked Lucifer what was going on, only to be interrupted by Major Kusanagi, who tried to stop Lucifer from further eveloping his schemes. Faust fled together with Lucifer and Mephiles to further aid him, while leaving behind 3 common demons to take care of Kusanagi's troops and the major herself.

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