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Bask in Fifty's awesomeness
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 5
No. appearances 5-7 cameos
Aliases Fiftyson
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth January 9, 1987
Age 31
Occupation ???
Nationality American
Banning [Fifty and Perfection] is like a rite-of-passage for new mods.
— Padma
Everyone loves the #fiftychat.
— CivGeneral

Fifty is basically Perfection with less postcount. They both spam a lot, both post some really random crap, and both have spent countless days in the realm of the banned, courtesy of the Moderators' banhammer. Like Perfection, however, he carries an enormous reputation within the CFC community. Recently, he has withdrawn from the forums, presumably over growing ennui with the climate of Off-Topic. As of this writing, he was last active December 2011.

Fifty occasionally makes cameo appearances in CivGeneral's comics.