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Republic of Finland
Suomen tasavalta
Republiken Finland

Member State of the Eastern Union
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Flag Coat of arms
Anthem: Maamme (Vårt land)
and largest city
Official languages Finnish, Swedish, Violence
Ethnic groups Finnish, Swedish
Religion Vodka
Government Democratic republic
 -  President Sauli Niinistö
 -  Prime Minister Juha Sipilä
National hero(es) The White Death, God-Emperor Kekkoken, HittiLitti
 -  Autonomy from Sweden March 29, 1809 
 -  Declared from Bolshevik Russia December 6, 1917 
 -  Recognized January 4, 1918 
Population 5,489,097
 -  Density We are everywhere, but you cannot see us!
Currency Snow
Opening hours Come if you dare!
Major exports Mobile phones, trees, metal bands
Major imports Scandinavian-ness
Favourite pastime Sitting shirtless in the snow drinking vodka while sniping Russians
Drives on the whole road
"Dad, what's a Finn?"
— Lisa Simpson
"Well, it's not quite a Slav, and it's not quite a Norseman, but maahaahaan... heeheehahahaha...
So, to answer your question, I don't know."
Homer Simpson
taillesskangaru exhibiting Union industrial solidarity with Mike the T.V.

Finland is a country in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Sweden to the west, Norway to the north, Russia to the east, and its cousin Estonia to the south via the Gulf of Finland. Finland was one of the founding members of the Eastern Union.

Finland is widely regarded as a capable military adversary after pwning the Soviets during World War II. For some inexplicable reason, FDR was able to recruit Finnish mercenaries who harrassed Free Western Army units in occupied territories following the Second Napoleonic War.

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