Firesprite-class interceptor

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Firesprite-class interceptor
Class overview
Builders: Transatlasia State Space Industries
Operators:  Transatlasia
General characteristics
Type:Interceptor starfighter
Propulsion:TSSI ion pulse engine
Acceleration:5,150 G
Crew:1 pilot
Armament:2x wing-mounted slug-thrower minigun
2x missile array (6 concussion missiles each)

The Transatlasia State Space Industries Firesprite-class interceptor is a starfighter currently in operation by the Union of Transatlasia. About 200 of these fighters are currently in use, mostly by the Transatlasian Space Navy. About fifty are hosted on each of the fleet's Dauntless-class cruisers, the TSC Fearless and TSC Dauntless. They are fast and lightweight interceptor-type craft, running escort duty for Transatlasia's fleet. Newly-commissioned, they have only seen limited action at Wetickra.