First Nazi War

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War of '96
CivGeneral leads troops in the Battle of Bluff Point, 1997.
Date14 February 1996 – 20 June 1997
LocationUnited States eastern seaboard
Result Coruscanti victory; Nazi nation abolished
German Republic formed
Nazi officers go into hiding
 Republic of Coruscant Neo-Nazis

The War of '96 was a bloody conflict between the Republic of Coruscant and an ambiguous neo-Nazi microstate. The war saw the rise of Coruscant as a world power, and the initiation of CivGeneral into military tradition. The war ended 15 months and 6 days later with the capitulation of the Nazi régime; several high-ranking military officers went into hiding to organize insurgencies in 1999 and 2009, leading to the original conflict's retroactive nickname of the First Nazi War.


After their victory in the Barbanian War the previous year, the Coruscantis began settling New England, bringing them into contact with a neo-Nazi organization, who immediately sought to seize the fledgling Republic for themselves. The resulting war was fierce, augmented by Coruscant's technological developments. The war ended with the capture of the Nazi capital city Little Fitchburg on 20 June 1997, with the nation dissolving soon afterward.


With the defeat of the Nazis and the elimination of the last immediate threat to the nation, the Coruscantis established colonies in Connecticut and began official diplomatic relations with the rest of the world.

The war bore witness to organized atrocities by the Nazi forces against civilians and prisoners of war, and postwar judicial prosecutions drove many officers into hiding.[1] These exiles reorganized two years later for a second attempt on the Coruscantis, after which the survivors fled to found the Greater German Space Reich.[2]

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