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Forum Games is the sub-forum of the Other Games section that DYOS resided in from late 2006 until it was moved to the Arts & Entertainment forums on July 30th 2010. Forum Games contains a bunch of games.

For more information, see the Forum Games Catalog Thread, a catalog of info on the Forum Games. Currently operated by Catharsis, operated by others in the past.

Forum Games Games


There's a Town, and a Mafia. The Mafia wants to kill the town, and the Town wants to Lynch the Mafia. May Contain Clues, Abilities, Power Roles, Themes of some fictional Universe, and/or many people named Mayor Meuiller being killed.

For more information, see the Mafia Information Thread, currently operated by Zack.

Night of the Werewolves (NOTW)

Basically, Mafia on Steroids and set in the Fall From Heaven Universe (mostly)

For More information, see the NOTW Information Thread, currently operated by Backwards Logic.

NOTE: Both Mafia and NOTW are no longer in Forum Games Proper, having been given their own subforum.

Combat Games

Basically, somewhat mafia like, except people vote two people to fight each other instead of one to be lynched, and some don't even have mafia. It was invented by Chandrasekhar, and everyone's liked the games since, although nobody can seem to get to the end of one without the game dying due to host difficulties, with a few exceptions.

Games like the original Snakes and Foxes game haven't been played in a very long time. However, there is one Star Wars based one hosted by Zack that's fairly similar to Snakes and Foxes, and another game based on Super Smash Bros Brawl hosted by Domination3000 that's also somewhat similar but not the same. This one has been in the sign-up phase for a while, most likely because nobody wants to play a game hosted by someone like Domination.

  • Snakes and Foxes
  • Ascension/Dissensions
  • Others

Roll To Dodge

In Roll to Dodge, there's a bunch of people in a space, with stuff. That's it. Aside from that, you can do practically anything, with your success being determined by dice rolls. Yes, ANYTHING. This type of game was invented by Seon, and a few more have been played since then. The current game is being hosted by Thorvald of Lym.

  • Normal Edition
  • Ludicrous Edition
  • Furthermore Ludicrous Edition
  • WWII Edition


Like an NES, but slightly less complex, hence the "Lazy". The Lazy could also refer to the GM's, who have often been lazy in providing updates in every incarnation of one of these games, and so far, not one has reached an actual ending.

No games of this type have been played in a very long time, unless Imperium Offtopicum counts as a Lazy NES.

  • Rise From Medieval Kingdoms (multiple incarnations)
  • Birth of an Empire


Based on the Board Game. If you haven't heard of the board game, go Google it or something.

No games of this type have been played in a very long time.

Eat Poop You Cat (EPYC)

Basically, like a game of telephone. The host provides a caption and sends it to Player A. Player A makes a picture based on that caption, and sends it to Player B. Player B makes a caption based on that picture, who sends it to Player C, who makes a picture... you get the idea. All Pictures and Captions are posted at the end of the round.

Map Games

These can be described as lazy LazyNES. A Map Game generally starts with a blank outline map (usually a map of the world, though in one case it was a featureless ocean). Players then claim their lands, sign alliances, build armies and fight wars, flame or otherwise. It's all imaginary of course, but for the players it can become Serious Business.

The games are highly deregulated, infamous for their near-lack of rules (and what exist are mostly made up as they go along). Orignally, the intent was to make the games fresh, fun, exciting and unpredictable, based on the perfectly valid assumption that internet posters are a rational, level-headed, flexible, responsible group of people. However, the games inexplicably failed many times to meet expectations. The games often have a strange transformative effect on people; previously reasonable posters would metamorphose into power-hungry demogogues upon joining. Powergaming was rampant. Until recently, combat results were decided by consensus, the general absence of which eventually causing the thread to fall apart.

  • War At CivFanatics (multiple incarnations)
  • The Island Game

Imperium Offtopicum

Main article: Imperium Offtopicum

NOTE: IOT has been moved to its own subforum, it is no longer in Forum Games.


Exactly what it says on the tin, a game where one player makes a quiz and other people try to guess it.

  • Guess City Quiz
  • Guess Country Quiz
  • Guess Movie Still Quiz
  • Guess Song Quiz
  • And many more...

Caption Contest

The GM produces a picture, and the participants compete to make a caption for it. After one week, the GM gives 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards to the best captions. Invented by electric926, with the later versions with rotating GM's invented by others.

  • Caption Contest
  • Improved Caption Contest
  • Caption Contest III

Elimination Games

The GM gives a list of some type of thing, and posters vote to eliminate them by adding points to some items on the list and taking points away from others.

  • Country Elimination
  • Hometown Eliminaton
  • CFC User Elimination
  • Civ Leader Elimination
  • Spam Games
  • And the others...