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Francis Durga
There he goes again, with them damned airquotes
Nickname(s) "Airquotes" McGee
Allegiance Republic of Coruscant (to 2011)
Greater German Space Reich
Service/branch Army
Years of service 1999 – present
Rank Captain
Battles/wars Third Nazi War

Captain Francis Durga is a military officer of the Republic of Coruscant. He is noted for his not-too-upbeat temperament as evidenced when he was ordered to hold position while the Eastern Union and the Free Western Army had their way with Hickten. He often feels that the Republic of Coruscant has been treated "like chopped liver" by other nations and vocally voices his criticism whenever he gets the chance, even if it's in the presence of foreign dignitaries. He has been threatened with disciplinary action for his continued rants; sooner or later they will surely come up to bite him in the rear.

He is also a victim of the No Fourth Wall trope, wherein he is aware of the actions of DYOS, notably when he makes reference to General Guba smiling and wanting to "punch his smug face" while other Coruscantis have no clue what he is talking about; or, in the case of CivGeneral, Durga's annoyances prompt him to tell him to stop poking in the thread or his computer and "get over it".

Did I mention that he uses airquotes, a lot?

Service history

Durga was originally introduced as an unnamed officer stationed in Italy, impatient from the get-go.[1] Shortly thereafter, he led a salient into Austria that ended in disaster after the unit was ambushed; Durga managed to escape by commandeering, through some method or another, an Armed Suit that he brought back to London for analysis.[2]

In February of 2011, Durga became so outraged at his lack of front-line combat that he defected to the Space Nazis.[3] During a Brotherhood of Steel infiltration of a supply depot, he confronted CivGeneral and proceeded to launch into a tirade against international co-operation, Mr. Toyoda, and CG's unwillingness to assert himself militarily. He also somewhat foolishly forewarned him against Agent Johnson's machinations against him. When he dared CG to shoot him and CG proved willing, Durga deployed a smokescreen and vanished from the scene.[4]

Things that Durga hates

Behind the Scenes

  • Soon after his inception, Durga became a symbolic manifestation of CivGeneral's rage at the time, reaching a head with his defection to the Space Nazis.
  • Durga is something of a Coruscanti counterpart and self-styled rival[citation needed] to Guba in that he is dissatisfied with the administration and does not attempt to censor his opinions.


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