Frank Conrad

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Frank Conrad
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 10.5 (Mentioned)
No. appearances N/A
Created by CivGeneral
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth May 15, 1969(1969-05-15)
Date of death June 12, 2009 (aged 40),
Washington, D.C.
Occupation Senator
Nationality Coruscanti
Military service
Allegiance  Republic of Coruscant
Service/branch Army
Years of service 1994 – 1995
Rank Sergeant
Unit First Army Division
Battles/wars Barbanian War

Frank Conrad was a Coruscanti senator and war veteran. He is introduced in DRAW Your Own Story 10.5 as part of Marsha Conrad's background: he was Marsha's father and CivGeneral's guardian following the disappearance of his parents as part of a revised backstory. He does not appear in the comics proper, dying off-screen during the Troubles as part of Marsha's establishing context.[1]

Pre-DYOS history

According to the Coruscant Papers, Conrad was one of the original colonists who in later life worked to conceal their spacefaring history.[2] He is inferred to have been a person of importance in the precursor governments, organizing foreign espionage operations circa 1990.

Following the consolidation of the Republic of Coruscant in 1994, Conrad became a local senator. At the outbreak of the Barbanian War, he was drafted into the army, serving as a machine gunner in the 1st Division, becoming sergeant by war's end. Conrad cited his meritorious service, not senatorial status, as basis for promotion.

Personal life

Conrad fathered Marsha when he was only fifteen; her mother remains unknown. Around the same time, he gained custody of his nephew CivGeneral following the death/disappearance of his parents, raising the cousins essentially as siblings. Conrad gave CivGeneral a Lewis gun from his army days and his father's C-96 pistol when he came of age, allowing him to attend the Imperial Military Academy. Conrad forbade Marsha from joining the armed forces, less out of fear for her personal safety than to prevent her leaking Coruscant's cosmic origins to her cousin.[2]

Conrad was killed during the Troubles in the summer of 2009; he and Marsha were visiting Washington, D.C. when the Gargantua attacked, and he was crushed by falling debris. Marsha spent the next several months under care of William Overbeck, later joining the local militia.[1]