Franklin Roster

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Franklin Roster
Roster final sights.jpg
Chancellor Roster moments before his death
4th Chancellor of Coruscant
In office
1 June 2008 – 15 March 2010
Preceded by Marcus Vince
Succeeded by Motoko Kusanagi
Personal details
Died 15 March 2010
New Port City
Nationality Coruscanti

Franklin "Hogan" Roster was the fourth Chancellor of the Republic of Coruscant. A veteran of the First Nazi War, he presided over the Republic during the events of DRAW Your Own Story 10. He appeared in the former half of Part II during the Third Nazi War; on 15 March 2010 he was assassinated by an Enclave operative.[1]

Avatar Wars

Roster first appeared unnamed during the Combine Insurgency in an underground holdout, grudgingly accepting military support from Stylesrj.[2] He was later shown in direct command of front-line forces during the liberation of New Port City. His visible deference to CivGeneral despite political seniority inferred in their exchange provoked at least one contributor to take acute interest in Coruscant's government structure, as it was commonly assumed prior that CG was de facto, if not de jure head of state.[3]

Part II

Roster presided over the beginning of the Third Nazi War, overseeing the development of Project Valkyrie and personally vetting Doolittle's Raid.[4] On 15 March 2010 while en route to sign the Anglo-Coruscant-Union Treaty, Roster was assassinated by CG-X in New Port City in what became known as the "Ides of March Incident". CivGeneral, upon hearing the news, personally "appointed" Major Kusanagi acting chancellor until proper elections could take place.[1]

Behind the Scenes

Roster originally appeared in the early phase of DRAW Your Own Story 11, months before CivGeneral had the idea to kill him off.[5] He was later retconned as an unnamed aide to Chancellor Kusanagi.

Roster's nickname "Hogan" is a result of his first appearance in DYOS 10.5, in which he is named Chancellor Hogan.[6] This was later retconned into a wartime nickname.

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Government offices
Preceded by
Marcus Vince
Chancellor of Coruscant
June 1, 2008 - March 15, 2010
Succeeded by
Motoko Kusanagi