Frederick Corrino IV

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Emperor Frederick Corrino IV
You said yourself, the loyal Atreides would gladly die for their duke... We're just giving them the opportunity.
First appearanceDRAW Your Own Story 10
No. appearances2
Created byWestwood Studios
Portrayed byAdrian Sparks
Date of birthUnspecified
OccupationEmperor of the Known Universe
NationalityCorrinoHeraldic.svg Corrino

Frederick Corrino IV, Emperor of the Known Universe is a non-canon Padishah Emperor of the Imperial House Corrino. He was present on Arrakis during the race for the Gem and clamped down hard when the fecal matter hit the rotary air impeller.


Although the Gem had been on Dune for some time prior to lord_joakim's arrival, official Imperial policy was to ignore it[1], as the effects it had on foolish adventurers typically solved the problem before it became the concern of the authorities. Interestingly, the Emperor knew of the Gem's full power, but made no attempt to dissuade foreigners from seeking it. This "don't ask, don't tell" policy remained in place until lord_joakim's departure.


Although Imperial forces were under standing orders to shoot on sight anyone found to have come into contact with the Gem[2][3], the protocol largely remained a fail-safe in case personnel would stumble upon a "translated" person, and was sparsely called for. With lord_joakim's successful harnessing of the Gem's potential, he became the first victim to escape both retribution and orbit.[4] This dangerous precedent led the Emperor to initiate lockdown procedures to prevent future access that could disrupt planetary operations.[5] With CivGeneral as a main protagonist, however, this would prove to be a failure.

After CivGeneral defeated the Combine and safely recovered the Gem, the Emperor contradicted all standing policy and allowed the protagonists to leave the planet. In the closure of DRAW Your Own Story 10, he is seen with Bene Gesserit concubine Lady Elara attempting to contact an unidentified party.[6] In his dialogue, the Emperor makes one allusion similar to earlier references by J.C. Reitan.

Return to Dune


A year after the Gem adventure, Hannibal Barca and the Cosmonarmada Vostok visited the Emperor to inquire about the Gem, and the hitherto-unknown council between Frederick and Mr. Toyoda.[7] The Emperor was surprisingly open to Hannibal, revealing that he had been in contact with Toyoda since the Avatar Wars[8][9]. He also revealed that Toyoda had been feigning ignorance, and has in fact been on a decades-long quest to recover the Gem, although stopped short of hypothesizing Toyoda's ultimate objective.[10]

During the course of their conversation, the Emperor provided Hannibal with a wealth of knowledge on the true nature of the Gem, the Chosen Ones, and the Anti-Gem. He also forewarned Clone Guild interference, suggesting that Rocket was in conflict of interest.[10]

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