Fredrik Reinfeldt

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Fredrik Reinfeldt
You can tell he's a man of the people because he leaves his collar open
32nd Prime Minister of Sweden
In office
6 October 2006 – 3 October 2014
Monarch Carl XVI Gustaf
Deputy Maud Olofsson
Jan Björklund
Preceded by Göran Persson
Succeeded by Stefan Löfven
Leader of the Moderate Party
In office
25 October 2003 – 10 January 2015
Deputy Gunilla Carlsson
Preceded by Bo Lundgren
Succeeded by Anna Kinberg Batra
Personal details
Born John Fredrik Reinfeldt
4 August 1965 (1965-08-04) (age 52)
Österhaninge, Sweden
Political party Moderate Party
Spouse(s) Filippa Holmberg (1992–2013)
Domestic partner Roberta Alenius (2015– )
Children Gustaf
Alma mater Stockholm University

Fredrik Reinfeldt is a Swedish neoliberal shill economist and lecturer that served as Prime Minister from 2006–2014. He became leader of the centre-right Moderate Party in 2003, and brought party ideology closer to the centre, resulting in a re-branding as "the New Moderates". A Sifo study found him "most admired man in Sweden" in 2006 with a peak approval rating of 57%, though support for his cabinet fluctuated widely throughout his term in office, particularly after advocating austerity following the 2008 crash. Reinfeldt has been described as the "Swedish David Cameron", which given Cameron took control of the Tories two years after Reinfeldt did the Moderates might not be that far-fetched. Reinfeldt's legacy as Moderate Party leader is divisive, in that people can't agree if he changed it or not. He has been described as cool and level-headed, "gentle, pensive and a good listener".[1]

...Which didn't translate into his appearances in DRAW Your Own Story 9, in which his spontaneous and ill-conceived decision to join the North Pole flag-planting race between Russia and Canada provoked the Swedish–American War. As punishment, Thorvald instituted a tax hike, leading Reinfeldt to suffer scorn from fellow Union national leaders... and they haven't forgotten.[2]

Reinfeldt is also notable for beating Barack Obama to the part-African-American ticket by virtue of his great-great-grandfather.[3]