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Fudgehog, also known as Fergie, was a pinata and recurring character in DYOS 10 in Stylesrj's comics, who would shout "OH FUDGE!". Everyone found this to be incredibly annoying, and so he was killed multiple times. He is probably dead now.

Fudgehog Doll

Originally, was a toy based from the Viva Piñata series manufactured by Happy Kids Inc. Sales of the toy plumeted after Stylesrj prolific use of the real Fudgehog. Thus many Fudgehog Dolls were pulled off the store shelves never to be sold again. Today, very few Fudgehog Dolls are still around, mainly in the hands of terrorists, intelligent agencies, pirates, wackos, and abandoned households.

Combine Insurgency

The toy itself has been used as a form of a torture device, thanks in part to the Fudgehog's reputation of being incredibly annoying. The doll was used against an unnamed Combine Officer to reveal the location of Fort Schmerzen and Mr. Toyoda by CivGeneral and Co.

Dostya's team

Through unknown means, Dostya had acquired one such instance of these toys, perhaps to be used as a torture device. Fortunately however it was disabled when Commander Shepard destroyed the dropship it was carried on.

Fudgehog users

  • Stylesrj - Too many times to count
  • CivGeneral - Fudgehog Doll, used against a Combine Officer (Drove him insane) during the search and rescue of Mr Toyoda in DYOS 10.

Fudgehog victims