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The Gargantua destroying a city

The Gargantua is the colloquial name for the entity responsible for the destruction of nearly all the urban centres on Earth in the opening of DRAW Your Own Story 10.5. It was borne of and is loosely connected to the Gem.[1] In-universe, the identity of the creature is as-of-yet unknown, although it has been suggested to be lord_joakim.[2][3][4][5]

The Gargantua was first hinted at by the G-man during an interlude with CivGeneral and Samus Aran.[6] After returning to Earth, CivGeneral and Co. met with William Overbeck, who described the creature thus:

From what I recall, it looked like a big blob of biological mess that would make a boomer go "Whoa!! I ain't touching that!" It came smashing up cities within the United States, or what's left of it. ... If you see it, run as far as you can! Don't be a hero in trying to kill it!

The Gargantua is suggested to be impervious, or at least extremely resistant to conventional weapons.[1] The Enclave experimented with the X Parasite as a means of defeating the creature, but whether it completed any working prototype is unknown. Although a Coruscanti squad bore witness when their transport was attacked[5] and the Merzig Conference supposedly established positive identification[7], the Gargantua has yet to make a confirmed appearance.

choxorn learned that the Gargantua and the Gem share some sort of connection. He speculates that its actions may not be as random as originally thought: that the destruction of Mr. Toyoda's headquarters was precipitated by his interest in the artifact. He suspects Toyoda went AWOL to track down the Gargantua for much the same reason, because of its bond with the Gem.[1]

Behind the scenes

In Garry's Mod, CivGeneral typically uses the model of the Tank from the Left 4 Dead series. By posing the tank with skybox building models[8] or within the skybox itself, he creates an illusion of scale.