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File:Garrys Mod Main Screen.jpg
G-man playing with melons again!

Garry's Mod is a sandbox game that allows people to create things in Source games by editing props and ragdolls with several tools. It has been used by CivGeneral for every comic he has made since July 2008, when he got Garry's Mod, and is also sometimes used by Thorvald of Lym, kill fire, choxorn, and more recently, Stylesrj. Sometime in 2015, CivGeneral replaced Garry's Mod with Source Filmmaker.

Gmod was originally released as freeware up until version 9, after which Garry Newman gained access to more Source coding functions in exchange for a set price on the game. It is still very much "third party" software, and user-created add-ons can cause instability. Occasionally, Garry's updates will render add-ons incompatible, and in some cases break Gmod itself. On very, VERY rare occasions, Valve's engine updates will also crash the game. CivGeneral suggests setting the game's properties in Steam to "Do NOT automatically update this game" to prevent crashes until a stable patch is released.

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