Gem War

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Gem War
Part of The Troubles, Gem arc
Date5 June 2010 – present
LocationWetickra, Earth, orbit
Status ongoing
 Clone Guild  Cosmonarmada Vostok
Commanders and leaders
Clone Guild General Valorum
Clone Guild Mark Sykes1
Cosmonarmada Vostok Hannibal Barca
1 – Split from Valorum following the battle above Earth

The "Gem War" refers to the unofficial conflict between the Clone Guild and Cosmonarmada Vostok in DRAW Your Own Story 10.5. Hostilities erupted over the kidnapping of Taillesskangaru; as part of their plans to appropriate the Gem, Colonel Sykes sought to duplicate the personalities of the Chosen Ones via the "Jack the Ripper" device. The Cosmonarmada dispatched a strike team that assaulted Clone Guild headquarters to rescue him, but not before Sykes was able to extract the necessary data.[1]

The Guild fleet under personal supervision of General Valorum entered orbit over Earth to track down choxorn and seize the Gem at the same time Hannibal and the Blue Fleet arrived to destroy it. A fierce and bloody fight ensued; Coruscanti intervention downed both command ships, scuttling or routing the remainder, and marooning the commanding officers of the warring parties on the planet surface.[2] Rocket admits to playing both sides (and recently, the Coruscantis) off each other, although his exact stake in the affair remains unclear.[3]