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Gem arc
DYOS X, Part II storyline
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The Gem arc is a major storyline begun in DRAW Your Own Story 10 and carried into its sequel. Started by lord_joakim as a minor side-plot, it evolved into the end sequence to DYOS X and featured virtually every active contributor to the thread. The Arrakis episode provided the first formal conclusion to a thread in DYOS history, but also introduced several unresolved plot points that prompted the first ever sequel installment.

The story revolves around the eponymous "Gem", a mysterious artifact with supposedly god-like powers being pursued by several rival parties. It occurs in two parts: in DYOS X it is chiefly a race between CivGeneral and the Combine Empire to retrieve the Gem from Arrakis; in DYOS X.ii, choxorn and taillesskangaru struggle to find the Gem and fulfill their role as the Chosen Ones, while the Cosmonarmada Vostok battles the Clone Guild to capture it: the former to destroy it, the latter to harness it. As the story progresses, a conspiracy emerges bearing ominous portents for the future.


Toward the end of the Avatar Wars, kulade tasks lord_joakim with the recovery of the Gem.[1] Joakim and mythmonster2 travel unopposed to Arrakis and manage to find the artifact in a secret cave.[2] However, the Gem changes Joakim, bestowing upon him incredible power that he cannot fully control. Shortly afterward, he breaks through to the surface and rockets back to Earth.[3] Mythmonster, finding himself once again sidelined, swears revenge against CFC.[4]

Race for the Gem

Joakim's mission does not remain secret. Unencrypted radio transmissions back to kulade are picked up by casual observers.[5] After CivGeneral rescues Mr. Toyoda from the Combine, Toyoda hires him to pick up where Joakim left off and bring the Gem back to Earth.[6] Within fairly short order, most of the major parties become involved in its recovery: the Combine seek to beat the Coruscantis;[7] taillesskangaru is hired by the Narrator to stop a malfunctioning Giant Death Robot designed to retrieve it;[8] the Free Western Army stumbles upon FDR's secret hideout on Dune;[9] and mythmonster2 rebuilds General Grievous and dispatches him to recover the Gem.[10]

The first expedition

The Coruscantis organized one expedition prior to CivGeneral's departure.[11] Like everyone else who seeks the Gem, however, they were unaware of its power. One soldier handled it directly, triggering the same transformation as lord_joakim, and went on an uncontrolled rampage. The mutant soldier was ultimately killed, but only Corporal Reitan survived.[12][13]

The Padishah Emperor

Emperor Frederick Corrino IV knows both the extent of the Gem's power and of Joakim's 'incident',[14] and becomes increasingly concerned over his liability for resultant damage. With CivGeneral and the Combine complicating domestic affairs,[15] the Emperor suspends interplanetary transit and summons the Sardaukar to deal with the intruders.[16] Task forces are dispatched to protect the entrances to the abandoned tunnel networks known as the "Dead Sietches", one of which contains the Gem.

The Gem chamber

Spielberg, anyone?

CivCube arrives in the chamber before CivGeneral, but is captured by an unidentified party (possibly Fremen) before he is able to take the Gem.[17]

CivGeneral and Co. manage to bypass the guards and penetrate the Gem chamber;[18] but not long afterward the Combine arrive, headed by Dr. Breen himself.[19] Breen's constant utterance of the phrase "What next in this parade of constant interruptions?" leads to the spontaneous appearance of a number of characters, including some who have not previously appeared in the story.[20][21][22][23][24][25]

During the confusion, CivGeneral encounters Samus Aran, who escaped from a Combine detention centre and hijacked a teleportation device to arrive on Dune.[19] CivGeneral engages former avatar Mara Jade in combat further into the cave while the remaining protagonists are overpowered and bound as the Combine attempt to claim the Gem. Samus escapes and joins CivGeneral; Mara is killed, but upon return to the Gem chamber Breen's cronies are about to seize the artifact. Despite Reitan's panicking (and apparently Breen's better judgement[26]), an officer lays hands on the Gem, triggering a power surge that vaporises nearly all the Combine personnel. CivGeneral seizes the opportunity to force a defeated Breen to agree to a cease-fire agreement between the Combine and Coruscant.[27]


The Gem is successfully recovered by the Coruscanti expedition without further incident, and the Emperor, glad to be rid of the artifact, does not impede their departure.[28] In the opening of DYOS X Part II, the Gem is revealed to be housed in Coruscant, "the plaything of the scientists".[29]

Part II

Originally intended to resolve lord_joakim's outstanding story, this goal was unexpectedly dropped with his character's internment early into the story[30] (effectively entering hiatus until the merged timeline of DYOS 11), and the Gem fell by the wayside as CivGeneral's plot turned to focus on the Third Nazi War. It was picked up by taillesskangaru during an interlude between Rocket and Hannibal Barca: Rocket introduces the Anti-Gem, a twin artifact capable of nullifying the Gem's power. When he gives it to Hannibal the general develops an overwhelming urge to unite the two jewels.[31] Prior to departure, however, he receives classified documents that prompt him to change tack and dig deeper into the Gem's history,[32] leading him to Arrakis and a private audience with the Emperor, in which Frederick reveals that Toyoda previously possessed the Gem, and that he specifically instructed the Emperor to allow CivGeneral's expedition through.[14] He further discloses that the recovery operation was part of a test of CivGeneral's character.[13] Now thoroughly suspicious, Hannibal returns to Vostok and scours the fleet archives for further information. His discoveries alarm him and he orders immediate departure to Earth, stating that the fate of the universe hinges on the Gem's destruction.[33]

Unknown at the time, Rocket is a double-agent for the Clone Guild and has betrayed Tailless to special projects director Mark Sykes. Using a so-called "Jack the Ripper" device, Sykes attempts to forcibly extract the 'Chosen One' quality out of him.[34] Tailless is rescued, but Sykes has the necessary data, and plans to land on Earth to repeat the process with choxorn and grant the Guild safe access to the Gem.[35] Sykes' expedition collides with Hannibal's Blue Fleet over Earth, and Coruscanti intervention results in the destruction of both flagships and the leaders' marooning planetside.[36] When confronted on his treachery, Rocket argues on utilitarian grounds that while the Gem is dangerous, its destruction will prevent its power being used for good as well as bad.[37] Unswayed, Hannibal consults with Tailless, revealing he is aware of an unnamed "benefactor" with ties to the Gem. He states he can hold off a full attack until after the Chosen Ones have done what they need to do. Tailless asks to strike out on his own; at first Hannibal objects, but he reasons that he'll be harder to find on his own and will draw the Clone Guild and Coruscantis away from the decimated expedition. Hannibal grudgingly concedes.[38]

Tailless proceeds on foot through South America toward New Port City. Travelling through Mexico he meets choxorn, who was advised he was en route after finding Mr. Toyoda.[39][40]

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