Otto Horington

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Otto Horington
Generic image of General Otto
Nickname(s) "That other Otto"
Allegiance Republic of Coruscant
Service/branch Army/Logistics
Rank General

Third Nazi War

General Otto Horington is a Coruscanti Army general. Little is known about him as he mainly works administratively within the Coruscanti Department of Defense. General Otto finally saw military action outside the comfort of his office during the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Washington D.C..

General Otto coordinated the land forces of the Republic of Coruscant in the Pacific Theater to lighten the load of CivGeneral's responsibilities. With Major Kusanagi taking the front lead in the Pacific Theater, General Otto worked comfortably from the RNS Intrepid to ensure Kusanagi has the resources she needs.

After the assassination of Franklin Roster and Kusanagi's elevation to acting chancellor, Otto's role would be put to the challenge in the Enclave invasion of Japan, demanding not only the coordination of troop movement for defense of Japan and the recently-activated Coruscanti National Guard, but also the security of Kusanagi herself.

Behind the scenes

  • In the Star Wars universe, he is simply known as Otto with no last name.
  • As of the last edit of this article, General Otto has yet to make an apearance, although he has been referenced by other Coruscanti officers.

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