General Valorum

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General Valorum
Valorum sketch.png
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 10.5
Created by e350tb
Full name Valorum Valorum
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Clone Guild CEO
Nationality Clone Guild

General Valorum is the enigmatic and ruthless leader of the Clone Guild.[1] Virtually nothing is known about his personality or motivations, save that he's intimate with Deb.[2]

Valorum personally led the Guild spacefleet in its journey to Earth, where it became embroiled in combat with the Blue Fleet of the Cosmonarmada Vostok. While the Guild overpowered the CAV, the arrival of the Coruscanti garrison wreaked havoc on both fleets; Valorum deployed an emergency EMP, but his command ship was unexpectedly thrown out of orbit and he bailed out with the "Jack the Ripper" device over the ocean.[3]

KaneValorum in Gmod, based on depictions by CivGeneral.

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