Genghis Khan

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Genghis Khan (Temujin)
Soon my numberless minions shall destroy you all!
"It is not enough that I succeed. All others must fail!"
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 6
No. appearances Not enough!
Created by Yesükhei and Hoelun as "Temujin", himself as "Genghis Khan"
Aliases Yuan Taizu, Scourge of God
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth c.1162
Age Does it matter?
Address Royal Yurt
Occupation Emperor of the Mongols
Religion Shamanist
Nationality Stop reading this and go back to your kharash duty! Mongolian

Genghis Khan Temujin is the brutal-yet-dedicated leader of the Mongols. First found possessing taillesskangaru, he embarked on a campaign of pillaging and plunder, although he has since quieted down and now devotes his time to sideline questing.

He appeared in DYOS 10 in a cameo in the Gem Chamber. More recently he appeared in Stylesjl's comics in DYOS 11.

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