George D. Ironside

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George D. Ironside
I got three things to teach you, kid: how to lose, how to cry, and how to die.
"I got me the whole United States military behind me, son, and we've just decided, ah, we don't like you."
Allegiance Maybe you could make a few extra bucks cleaning this flag, because you sure ain't no General to me! United States of America
Service/branch Special Forces
Rank General, 5 star
"Does mommy know you're out by yourself?"
— General Ironside

George D. Ironside is a five-star general of the United States specializing in classified weapons prototypes. He was originally intended as a boss in Zero Hour's Generals Challenge, but was cut alongside General Mohmar. Ironside's taunts are still present in the game files, and third-party mods have incorporated him into the game.

In DYOS V, he was found by Stylesrj who had an extreme dislike towards him, considering that he would openly insult any general and said they would only be worthy of polishing his boots.

The man was ironically confined to doing General Alexander's laundry.


In DYOS XI, General Ironside was leading the Spartan Federation on Chiron. His badass attitude, shock and awe tactics, as well as his superweapons made him quite formidable and tough to his enemies. When Stylesrj requested his aid in the Second Battle of Chiron, he openly insulted him and threatened to take him down in a bare-knuckled fight.

While not in his Power Armour at the time, Stylesrj managed to knock Ironside to the ground in a single punch, humiliating him and thus enlisting his aid in the upcoming battle.

Current Fate

Ironside's fate is unknown. He may have been killed when Chiron was blown up, or he may have escaped on the carrier Stylesrj had given him to command the fleets from. Maybe he'll turn up at the end or something...

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