Georgy Kalanin

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Georgie Kalanin
Greetings comrades!
Georgie Kalanin... IN SPAAAAACE!
First appearance Draw Your Own Story 5
No. appearances A lot
Nickname(s) Georgy
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Age Middle-aged
Address An embassy
Occupation Diplomat.
Relatives Rhiza Kalanin (sister)
Starsign One of them
Religion Atheist
Nationality Russian

"Greetings idiots comrades. I see there has been a misunderstanding inconsistency..."

Georgie Kalanin is a character commonly used by the Styles brothers. He is sent to do diplomacy for Stylesjl, and has diplomatic boots of speed to go anywhere in the world in a few minutes instantly. He also commonly does Strikethrough Explanation Comics, in which he corrects himself crosses out words. Both Stylesrj and Stylesjl use him for this purpose.

He also has a sister?

Everyone should Stylesjl spells his name as "Georgy"

Apparently he also has Particle Beam Cannon Laser Eyes



Stylesjl and Georgie's relationship is highly Platonic professional, but their jobs kept changing, sometimes with Georgie as the Supreme Shogun boss or on equal footing as Stylesjl.

During mid-DYOS XI, Georgie was still is Stylesjl's controller boss.

Nowadays, he leads follows him for the vodka for the adventure!

Rhiza Kalanin

Georgie does not get along with his sister? very well. They used to be close siblings, helping each other out in their younger years, Georgie being the smart one diplomatic type and Rhiza being more stupid tech-savy. As they got older though, they drifted apart, soon only sending Christmas cards to each other to remind themselves that they were still alive.

However, soon Georgie burned all the cards in a big fire for the lulz stopped receiving cards a few years ago, after Rhiza became an adventurer and their relationship deteriorated quickly into dislike.
When it comes to trouble, Georgie would not even lift a finger to save Rhiza's life, without orders signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters.


Georgie occasionally does not diplomatic meetings and negotiations with Stylesrj, but they too are also Platonic professional in their relationship. He has a lot of no concerns over Stylesrj's marriage to his sister?, or at least not recently due to their own falling apart relationship.

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