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Get Down (ゲッダン) or Gedden in Engrish is a meme that originated from Japan that came from a glitch in Goldeneye 700 for N64. Characters, ragdolls, and models would suddenly "spaz out" if the cartridge was only partially inserted in the console. The video originally came from Nico Nico Douga with "Promise" sung by Hirose Kohmi.

The glitch is still present, in varying forms, even in non-console 3-D games such as Fallout 3[1] and the Source engine[2]. It is purposely emulated in lower-quality Garry's Mod machinima, with thrusters bound to ragdoll limbs causing them to flail about randomly.

Tech demo of the main characters performing Gedden (click to view)

In Real Life, it's done with a person making random poses to emulate the spaz glitch along with striking a pose, shaking the hips, and throwing a hip thrust.

In the DYOS universe

CivGeneral introduced the meme in the DYOS Consul thread as a tech demo, consisting of himself, Major Kusanagi, Samus Aran, Thorvald of Lym, and Spongebob Squarepants[3]. He planned to use the meme in a fight scene emulating bullet dodging à la The Matrix. Thoughts finally came to fruition when in a script provided by Thorvald, the Hacker sabotages CivGeneral's codec, causing him to spaz out in a direct allusion to the meme.[4]

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