Gnoman Empire

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Gnoman Empire
Flag of Gnoman Empire
Motto: "...."
CapitalUnknown at this time
Largest city Edinburgh
Official languages Gnomish
Ethnic groups Gnome
Government Gnomarchy
National hero(es) Unspecified
Establishment Unspecified
Major exports Lawn decorations
Favourite pastime Fishing
Drives on the the grass
— Gnome leader, confronting Kan' Sharuminar

The Gnoman Empire is a hostile organisation within DYOS. They first appeared in DYOS XI.

History Within DYOS

The Gnoman Empire made its first appearances by way of foreshadowing. Captain2 found himself kept up late at night by a gnome shaped shadow. The Gnome lambda symbol appeared on the Gogf's control panels when it was sabotaged. The TARDIc display monitors showed the lambda sign before it disappeared.

Thus far the Gnomes have been able to conquer Scotland and Canada, destroyed the VRWCAgent, razed the Coruscant town hall, desecrated Spamingrad and utterly destroyed Captain's flagship, the Death Fuji. All events occured within an extremely short period of time. Their ultimate goal remains unclear.

I for one welcome our new Gnome overlords.