Gnowel Lawgiver

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Gnowel Lawgiver
She probably thinks you're tasty
No. appearances Many times
Nickname(s) Third (Juline Sane), Winged Girl (Leang)
Aliases The Third Ascended, Empress of the Xah Thran Empire
Species Ascendant
Gender Female
Date of birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Address Narratorspace

Ascendant Power Cleric

  • Doctor (Medicine)
  • Narrator
Spouse(s) William Lawgiver (Husband. Dead)
Religion Herself
Nationality Ascendant Plane

Hey, can I eat this one?

— Gnowel's catchphrase

Demigoddess Gnowel Lawgiver, The Third Ascended, Empress of the Xah Thran Empire (Gnowel for short) is the latest addition to the Narratorspace crew. She is also Kwai's current girlfriend, somehow...

Gnowel is a character imported from the Galava universe and has maintained appearances in several comics due to her personality and behaviour.


Don't you ever get full?

Gnowel has a one-tracked mind which is highly focused on food. Nearly everything she sees she considers edible and has a high chance of being devoured by her bottomless stomach. Beyond that, she surprisingly has a very kind-hearted personality. She can even tolerate insults from Qara Avethokastar without so much as a frown.

She can also be seen as surprisingly competent, solving the team's problems or providing medical help if needed.

Skills & Abilities


Unlike other Ascendants who must have their food cut into bite-sized portions before eating, Gnowel has the capacity to eat things that are bigger than her. Observers on the outside would see that the object is "warped" into her mouth as if sucked through a straw.
This has led to issues where she can consume large objects such as entire people and tanks and not show any visible change on the outside.


While she is a medical doctor, Gnowel's main abilities are in healing magic. She can bring a person back from the brink of death, just as long as the brain is intact. Her actual medical skills are more in diagnosis and medicinal remedies. Which may or may not involve leeches.

Behind the Scenes

Gnowel Lawgiver was one of Stylesrj's favourite characters in Galava. She was seen in plenty of quests, usually with her friend Chell.
However, her role got reduced in the later times due to becoming a demigoddess, and therefore being a bit too powerful to bring on quests, even if she wasn't immortal, had limited power and would easily get tired if she did too much healing at once... and she couldn't bring back the dead... and she was just as vulnerable as she ever...

She fell on the wayside and became a person who turned up at social events to eat all the food... And there were a lot of social events...

Naturally in DYOS, her Demigoddess powers and abilities are considered on par with everyone else in Narratorspace.

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