Golden Fleet

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The Golden Fleet sailing through Skaggerak. This is the last known image of all five ships together.

The flagships of the former Kingdom of Lym, the Golden Fleet consists of five longships built from a golden material whose physical properties are a closely-guarded state secret. Two ships were captured by Kan' Sharuminar during the Battle of Aberdeen; the fleet then sailed down the Pripyat River, where they were halted by a Coruscanti starfleet. During the sudden appearance of a spam-ton of Civilization II fighters and cruisers, Admiral Piett observed the Golden Fleet absorbing more surface fire than wooden boats should ever be able to.

Later, the Golden Fleet blasted its way out of Mos Eisley Baikonur to search for the Fridge of the Mods on the planet Eversmile. While in orbit, the fleet was attacked by Captain Locke, and one vessel disguised itself as a blockade runner in an attempt to evade, but was later captured by CivGeneral's orbiting fleet.

The three impounded ships currently remain in the possession of their captors.

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