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Gruekiller in his second incarnation.
First appearance

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Nickname(s) GK
Aliases 'Sacred Warrior'
Species Human (?)
Gender Male
Age Young adult
Address None
  • Adventurer
  • Vigilante
  • Thrillseeker
Family Unknown
Nationality Coruscanti, American
Transatlasian (former)
For the DYOS contributor, see User:Gruekiller.

Gruekiller is an adventurer from the former United States, who battles evil throughout the universe in the name of justice and cheap thrills. Although he has some chaotic proclivities, he usually has good intentions, acting in the name of justice, or at least his own notion of it. Of late, he is often found traveling in the company of Master Shake and an assassin named Valerie.

First Incarnation (Pre-DYOS 11)

Gruekiller as a young child, during the events of the Enclave uprising.

Gruekiller's first form was dark-haired, unlike his current form, shorter, and had to wear glasses to correct his vision.[1] Gruekiller, it can only be presumed, had this appearance through his early life until his fateful showdown with Bowie on Avalon.

Details of Gruekiller's childhood and early years (or generally anything prior to DRAW Your Own Story 11) are fuzzy, but can largely be extrapolated from what few facts have been revealed about him in the story thus far, from both himself and others.

Gruekiller was born in the United States of America some time before the Enclave toppled that nation's government during the events of Plans Within Plans. At a young age, he was taken under the wing of Bowie, the dictator of Transatlasia, who taught him everything he knows.[2] However, the two later had a falling-out when Gruekiller stole a suit of power armor from him. Ever since, the two have been bitter enemies.[2] He seems to have befriended Master Shake while caught up in some shenanigans in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia[3], and the two traveled together for at least a few years before the start of DYOS 11. Also during this period, Gruekiller laid waste to large portions of the capital of Myanmar, Naypyidaw, presumably just for kicks. The Burmese government has consequentially placed a bounty on his head of 64 million American dollars.[4] At some point prior to DYOS 11, he seems to have known a woman named Mary, whom he has been avoiding.[1]

First Incarnation (DYOS 11)

Gruekiller on Avalon.

Early in the events of DYOS 11, Gruekiller's Internet stopped working, prompting him and Master Shake to voyage to Ethiopia, in an attempt to find a way to fix it. What, if any, reason Gruekiller had for believing that such a far-flung journey would help him fix the Internet is unclear.[5]

In the airport before boarding the flight, a masked assassin tried to kill Gruekiller for the Burmese bounty, but failed.[6] When unmasked, the assassin was revealed to be a young woman named Valerie. Sparing her life, Gruekiller drafted the assassin onto his crew as official "team medic".[7] Their Republic Airlines flight to Ethiopia was accosted along the way by an unmarked Eurofighter, which demanded the surrender of Gruekiller. After a brief confrontation, Gruekiller destroyed the fighter plane, surprising Valerie with the strength of his power armor.[8]

However, upon their arrival in Ethiopia, he was met with disappointment. It seemed that there was no Internet-curing artifact, and in reality, the Hacker had attacked Gruekiller's Internet and lured him out to the Ethiopian highlands in an attempt to kill him. The Hacker was scared off after a couple of crossbow bolts from Gruekiller and the two never crossed paths again.[9]

That adventure thus a bust, Gruekiller decided to commandeer a shuttlecraft from Addis Abbaba Spaceport and head for space instead. He and his comrades were stopped in orbit by the Transatlasian cruiser Dauntless, under the command of Bowie. He demanded that Gruekiller return the suit of armor to him, a demand to which Gruekiller refused to comply.[10] Devising a risky, last-minute plan, Gruekiller disabled some of the Dauntless's turrets and escaped, infuriating Bowie. The shuttlecraft jumped through Hyperspace off to some hastily-calculated coordinates in space, leading ultimately to the backwater planet of Avalon[11]. Running afoul of a Crinoor fleet blockading that planet, he, Valerie, and Shake crash-landed there, encountering its human inhabitants and discovering that their home was a lucrative source of Ununpentium, the 115th element. Thought by the locals to be some kind of chosen one, the so-called "Sacred Warrior", he agreed to fend off the Crinoor in exchange for mineral rights, suddenly obsessed with the idea of the money he could make off of the place.[12]

Upon successfully destroying the Crinoor fleet with the aid of his power armor and sending its admiral packing, Gruekiller returned to the surface.[13] Though initially riding high off of his victory, Gruekiller soon came to regret his greed and dishonesty towards the Avalonians, and wandered up to the surface to question himself.[14]


Gruekiller regenerates.

While contemplating his actions, Gruekiller was accosted again by Bowie, who somehow had followed Gruekiller's trail to Avalon. Once again refusing to surrender the power armor, Gruekiller found himself locked in a pitched sword fight with Bowie.[15] Completely outclassed, Gruekiller's right hand was severed, and he was impaled. Taking time to gloat, Bowie then took the power armor and left Gruekiller on the hillside, apparently dead.[16]

Soon, however, as Valerie watched, Gruekiller's wounds healed, and his missing hand regrew. He was overtaken in an explosion of golden light, resembling that of a Time Lord's regeneration.[17]

Second Incarnation (DYOS 12)

Bloodied but not broken, Gruekiller is still adjusting to his new incarnation.

Upon his near-death and defeat at the hands of Bowie, Gruekiller lapsed into unconsciousness for a short period of time, awakening in a hospital bed in New Damascus with a totally different appearance. A relieved but annoyed Val's first greeting for his new incarnation was to offer him a firm slug in the face.[18] Despite this, the two remain on good terms as of their last sighting, and will continue to work together to stop Bowie and his pursuit of power.

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