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The HAW206 is a cutting-edge robotic walker tank from the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime television series, designed by Kago Takeshi and manufactured by the Kenbishi Corporation for the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. It was the focus of the second episode of Stand Alone Complex after Takeshi's brain was uploaded into the tank's interface, leading to a pursuit by Section 9 after the tank broke out of the testing grounds. By the end of the second season, it had entered into usage by the JGSDF.


The tank's design resembles that of a scorpion. It is supported by four legs which provide both walking and wheeled locomotion. Two arms are fixed underneath the main body toward the front of the "head", armed with armour-piercing autocannons. A rotating, high-calibre turret is mounted on the "tail". It also has two "eyes", on the top and bottom of the main body. The HAW206 is equipped with smoke grenades and electronic countermeasures capable of redirecting laser-guided missiles.

Space Nazi appropriation

Space Nazi soldiers supported by HAW206 mechs

The HAW206 is the main armoured assault vehicle of the Greater German Space Reich. It has been deployed to such conflicts as the invasion of Daiban, Zebes, Elysia, and more recently, the invasion of Earth. Coruscanti military codenames include "Albino Scorpion" and "Mech Scorpion", distinguishing its factory default/winter and olive paint schemes, respectively.

How the Space Nazis acquired the design is the source of much speculation. Some believe the plans were stolen from Japan prior to the Nazi exodus in 2001. An equally popular, but ridiculed idea is that spies managed to steal a complete prototype during the interval between the Second and Third Nazi Wars. A common suspicion amongst those with access to the schematics is that the Space Nazi tanks are a copycat attempt, rather than the original Kenbishi design.

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