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In common usage, a hacker is a person who breaks into computers, but does no harm, usually for fun or just the challenge. The subculture that has evolved around hackers is often referred to as the computer underground but is now an open community. Hackers are people who are motivated by curiosity and adventurer's spirit.

Other uses of the word hacker exist that are not related to computer security (computer programmer and home computer hobbyists), but these are rarely used by the mainstream media because of the common stereotype that is in TV and movies. Some would argue that the people that are now considered hackers are not hackers, as before the media described the person who breaks into computers as a hacker there was a hacker community. This group was a community of people who had a large interest in computer programming, often sharing, without restrictions, the source code for the software they wrote. These people now refer to the cyber-criminal hackers as "crackers".


A mysterious Hacker is the main plot point of DYOS XI who rewrites reality on a whim and has the old DYOS threads in his possession.

Hackers can be divided into three categories. There are those who can somehow rewrite reality by hacking, and there are also those who can only break into computer networks by hacking.

The third category is for those with technical skills that may be attributed to hacking, but as of this moment, it's unsure if they're hackers or just computer experts.

Reality Warping Hackers

Regular Hackers

Possible Hackers