Hacker Moon Colorizing

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Hacker Moon Colorizing
Part of Hackergeddon
0 Moon Hack.PNG
Date 22 January 2010
Location The Moon
Type Reality hack
Participants Pul Wat Aa

The Hacker Moon Colorizing was an incident in DRAW Your Own Story 11 in which Pul Wat Aa hacked reality to turn the Moon purple as a demonstration of his abilities.[1] It was his first public appearance since the start of Hackergeddon, and spurred Sidewinder Casino to launch a full military assault in the hope of forestalling future hacks, leading to the Battle of the Purple Moon.[2]

Before the fusion of the timelines, DYOS 10.5 featured a nod to the event: when Rudolph Krieger crossed over to join the battle for Germany, the moon was purple.[3]

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