Hanna Antilles

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Hanna Antilles
Hanna Antilles IOT.jpg
Hanna Antilles as Chancellor of Coruscant
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
(Chronologically, DYOS 10.5)
No. appearances ~ 3
Created by CivGeneral
Aliases Iella C. Starkiller, "ICS"
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of birth Unspecified
Age Old
Occupation Coruscanti Senator
Spouse(s) Unknown, deceased
Children CivGeneral
Mariko Antilles[1]
Nationality Republic of Coruscant Coruscanti

Don't kill CivG's mom, she's too hot to die.[2]

Hanna Antilles is a Coruscanti senator and the mother of CivGeneral.[3][4][5] She was a leading figure in Coruscant's early history, and was Chancellor of the Republic from the end of DYOS 11 to the start of At Plot's End.

Coruscanti Settler

Antilles was born in Corellia and later moved to Coruscant. She was part of the refugee group fleeing the Galactic Empire, later named the Coruscanti Settlers. She may have influenced the decision to flee to Earth; she had visited the planet before and named their ship the Mayflower II, possibly drawing inspiration from Plymouth Colony.[6][4] Antilles was co-leader of the initial settlement and played an active role in local politics into the Trumbull Empire.

Although well-loved by her constituents both on Earth and back home,[3] Antilles' ideological differences antagonized various reactionary groups within the colony, some of whom began plotting violent methods of deposing her. The nation suffered a series of barbarian attacks during the 1980s dubbed the "Great Sadness" that claimed the lives of many of the original colonists;[4] using the attacks as a smokescreen, one group conducted political assassinations, killing Antilles' husband but failing to catch her. She proceeded to fake her own death and fled into space, and in the wake of the attack she was officially declared deceased.[7]

Years in exile

Antilles adopted the pseudonym Iella C. Starkiller and became a smuggler for space cargo.[5] But while the public assumed her dead, her enemies suspected a ruse and continued to search for her. In 2011, agents under CIA deputy director Randy Johnson encountered her in a bar, but were slain.[7] In response, Antilles further obfuscated her identity, reducing her pseudonym to its initials "ICS"; she made a game of taking bets from a fellow smuggler who was convinced he could figure out her name.[5]

Return to Earth

Antilles finally returned to Earth after receiving a threat against CivGeneral from the Gnoman Empire.[5]

She succeeded Motoko Kusanagi as Chancellor of Coruscant at the end of DYOS 11, and was in turn succeeded by Kasumi in At Plot's End.

Behind the scenes

The base model for Hanna is Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series with noticeable reskins to give her two scars on her left cheek, grey hair, and heterochromatic eyes (Right eye Blue, Left eye Brown).


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Government offices
Preceded by
Motoko Kusanagi
Chancellor of the Republic
2013 - present