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Hannibal Barca
I am Hannibal, feared nemesis of the Romans! Will conquer for food.
No, I am NOT a cannibal!
Nickname(s) The Chesapeake Ripper

  Carthaginian Republic
  Seleucid Empire

  Kingdom of Bithynia
Flag of Taillenia (new).svg Taillenian Empire
22px Cosmonarmada Vostok
Years of service 221 BC - present
Rank Commander-in-Chief of the Carthaginian Army
Shofet of Carthage
Commander-in-Chief of the Taillenian People's Army
Awards All medals melted down and sold to buy more War Elephants
"Are you THE Hannibal Lector? No? My mistake."
— Oscar Wilde on Hannibal
Hannibal Barca as drawn by Taillesskangaru
Hannibal Barca as drawn by Thorvald of Lym

Hannibal is one of history's most notorious serial killers greatest military geniuses. He led the Carthaginian Army to notable successes in the Second Punic War against the might of the Roman Republic, and inflicted two crushing defeats on the Roman Army at Lake Trasimene and Cannae in the Romans' own heartland of Italy. Cowardly tactics Attrition, exhaustion and political wrangling at home (Hanno "the Great", that bastard.) conspired to make Hannibal's position in Italy increasingly weak, and he was forced to retreat from Italy altogether when the Romans launched a counter-invasion against Carthaginian territories in Spain and Africa. Hannibal lost the Battle of Zama against the Romans, but went on to rule Carthage as its Shofet (Chief Magistrate) before being forced into exile. Still hating the Romans, he became advisor to the rulers of the Seleucid and Bithynian kingdoms, respectively. Betrayed by his employers and cornered by the Romans, he took poison and died in around 182 BC and did nothing much for the next twenty-one centuries.

In DYOS 5 Taillesskangaru found Hannibal and "persuaded" him to join the Taillenian People's Army. He quickly rose through the ranks and became Commander-in-Chief, responsible for atrocities a brief occupation of Civfanatica by Taillenian forces seeking the Fridge of the Mods. He took up command of the Taillenian Starfleet, or what's left of it, until its reorganization as the Cosmonarmada Vostok.

Job hopping

As a running gag through DYOS 5 and 6, Hannibal could be seen doing various jobs around the world, including being a train driver, the owner of a carp leather store and at once point, and the Demiurge of Heaven until Stylesrj pointed several guns at his head and ousted him from control during DYOS V.

Return to the fray

By DYOS 10.5, Hannibal reorganized what remained of the Taillenian Starfleet into the Cosmonarmada Vostok, an autonomous military order to govern and protect the eponymous planet. During a meeting with Rocket following Tailless' disappearance on Wetickra, he was forced into contact with the Anti-Gem.[1] While Rocket no doubt hoped Hannibal would bee-line for Coruscant, the general was no fool, and the chance delivery of two secret documents spurred him to change course[2], achieving an audience with Emperor Frederick in which he discovered Mr. Toyoda's hitherto-unstated prior history with the Gem.[3] Curiosity piqued, Hannibal then returned to Vostok and scoured the archives hall for background on the Gem itself; what he uncovered frightened him so much that he ordered all non-committed naval elements to set course immediately for Coruscant, authorizing lethal force if they faced resistance.[4] Exactly what he knows he has elected to keep to himself, but he states that the "fate of the universe" hangs in the balance. Challenging his fitness for command, the Protectors overrode his order, essentially mutinying,[5] leaving the Blue Fleet to confront Clone Guild forces alone in orbit over Earth.[6]

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