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First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 6
No. appearances >= 5
Created by Thorvald of Lym
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth > 1960?
Age >40?
Address Slottet / Kremlin
Occupation Government minister
Religion Lutheran
Nationality Swedish
Prime Minister for Life
of the Eastern Union
Assumed office
7 August 2009
Minister of the Navy
Assumed office
22 October 2006
Prime Minister Thorvald of Lym
Preceded by Office established

Harald was third-in-command of the Kingdom of Lym, becoming Minister of the Navy after the establishment of the Eastern Union. Of the three Norsemen, Harald has been seen the least, and his character is obscure at best.

Harald serves as the Union's acting Prime Minister in DRAW Your Own Story 11 while Thorvald and Bjørn are busy in Part II, but has been unable to capitalize on his fifteen minutes of fame owing to RL Thorvald's deteriorating schedule.

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