Helgan Prime

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Helgan Prime
Polluted mess of a planet
Discovery date 1996
Physical characteristics
Mass 5.9736 × 1024 kg
Story data
Notable features Toxic wastes, urbanized landscape
Affiliation Greater German Space Reich

Helghan Prime (commonly spelt Helgan Prime) is one of the two planets of Alpha Centauri A and is home to the Greater German Space Reich. Officially the planet is named Helghan. Most off-worlders use the spelling Helgan, owing to the silent middle 'h'. The Helghast homeworld is a hostile, cruel world dominated by ferocious storms and electrifying skylines. Over the years, the Helghast have proudly embraced their formidable planet and adapted to the dangerously toxic environment.

Fauna and Flora

Although a harsh planet, Helghan does have several basic forms of wildlife as befits a natural ecosystem. Insects seem to be the primary form of indigenous life, though most seem to be somewhat larger than their average Terran counterparts.

Included are many harmless electric beetles that seem to fill the lower half of a natural food chain. Likewise, there are also aggressive predators in the form of the common Petrusite Spider, normally found in the mining areas & wastelands of Helghan; based on how it attacks, it seems to hunt prey by stunning them with an electric shock/bite, turning the stunned prey into liquid with its venom, and then ingesting the liquid, as any standard spider would. Though it does not actively hunt the player, a Petrusite Spider will attack if the player wanders too close, or if the player opens fire on the Petrusite Spider first. The planet's plant life is also rather larger then its Terran counterpart as several plants seen are similar to a standard weed, only larger.

DYOS history

Helghan was colonized by the original Nazi outcasts who made a mass exodus after the events of the insurgency.

After years of remobilization, the Space Nazis set forth from Helghan to conquer the Universe. While the fight has been contained mostly to Earth, Helghan received its first taste of warfare after an airborne raid by Commodore James Doolittle.[1]