Herbert Brown

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Herbert Brown
Herbert Brown.jpg
Admiral Brown in DYOS XI.
Allegiance  Republic of Coruscant
Service/branch Space Navy
Rank Fleet Admiral
Commands held Atlantic Fleet (DYOS X.ii)
Sol System Fleet (DYOS XI)
Battles/wars Third Nazi War
Space Pirate Crisis

Fleet Admiral Herbert Brown is a high-ranking officer in the Coruscanti Space Navy. Brown was placed in command of the Atlantic Fleet during the Third Nazi War as well as tasked with defense of the Sol System. He was seen shortly after the Clone Guild–Cosmonarmada confrontation above Earth, ordering an intercept at the Crobuzon's crash site,[1] although the survivors managed to escape the area undetected.[2]

News of the Space Nazi landing in Poland had a profound effect on the admiral. Brown blamed himself for failing to defend Earth, and slipped into a period of silence during which he secluded himself from other officers. It was not until Coruscant's victory in the Battle of Los Angeles that Brown came to his senses and rededicated himself to the expulsion of the invaders.


Chronologically, Brown first appears in DRAW Your Own Story 11, receiving Admiral Zheng He's call and connecting him with CivGeneral.[3] During the Hacker and Space Pirate Crisis, he still holds command of the Sol System Fleet, with the additional responsibility of tracking Space Pirate activity.


  • Between Brown's first appearance in DYOS 11 and his later preview in 10.5, CivGeneral introduced a new uniform scheme for Coruscant. In 11 Brown sports a suit and dress shirt, while in 10.5 he wears a Mass Effect-style grey jacket; his glasses are also removed, possibly to indicate an earlier age.