Manfred Hickten

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Manfred Hickten
Nickname(s) Mein Führer
Allegiance Greater German Space Reich
Service/branch Supreme commander of the armed forces
Years of service 1996 onwards
Rank Führer
Commands held Artillery corps 1996
Battles/wars First Nazi War
Second Nazi War
Third Nazi War
Awards Order Of The Grand Cross Of The Iron Cross (self-awarded)

Manfred Hickten is the Führer of the Greater German Space Reich during the events of Plans Within Plans.

Early history

Hickten served as a colonel in the artillery corps during the First Nazi War. The exact record of his service is foggy, but it is assumed that he committed Particularly Bad Stuff against his opponents. During the end stages of the war, he found himself in Little Fitchburg as the Republic of Coruscant was beginning its push into the city. In order to evade capture and subsequent prosecution for war crimes, Hickten disguised himself as a civilian. He was encountered by CivGeneral who, not recognizing the officer, let him escape.

Hickten's activity during the Second Nazi War is unknown; he was one of the officers for whom the Coruscantis held an outstanding warrant for arrest. Hickten, along with the general staff that had evaded capture during the insurgency, boarded an OMG secret Nazi spaceship and escaped into space, eventually settling on the planet Helgan Prime.

Third Nazi War

Main article: Third Nazi War

Although the Nazis had remained silent and the Coruscantis assumed them disbanded, the decade following their defeat was by no means inactive. Some time during the inter-war years, Hickten ascended to the leadership of the rechristened Greater German Space Reich. He immediately set about reconstituting the armed forces, supplanting an initial lack of manpower with battle droids that would found a military tradition of mechanized warfare. The "Space Nazis" also began the assembly of a starfleet, consisting mostly of second-hand capital ships. Not soon after the cessation of the Combine-Coruscant War, Hickten had amassed an armada on par with that of the Coruscanti navy.

In late 2009, Combine premier Nikita Brezhnev approached Hickten with the offer of a strategic alliance against the Republic. Hickten agreed, seizing the opportunity to realize his own dreams of vengeance. Shortly after the signing of the Treaty of Arrakis, the Space Nazis commenced a co-ordinated attack that virtually annihilated the Galactic Federation, seizing many of their planetary holdings. With his position secured, Hickten ordered an assault on the Coruscantis directly, resulting in the Battle of Elysia.

Under instruction by the Combine, Hickten then prepared for an assault on Earth. The fleet reached the Sol system in December, but arrived too late to assist the foundering Enclave under command of Dr. Breen. Hickten instead concentrated his forces on an independent assault on Europe, aiming to actualize his ideological goal of a "Greater Germany" and drive the Coruscantis from the planet.

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