Hokkaidō Uprising

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Hokkaido Uprising
Part of the Avatar Wars
DateSeptember 2, 2008-October 25 2008
LocationKitami, Hokkaido, Japan
Republic of Coruscant
Hokkaidō Rebels
Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg Hokkaido regime Unaffiliatedbanner.png Renegade factions
Commanders and leaders
Alyx Vance
Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg Ryuu Tōjō 22px choxorn
22px Stylesrj†*
22px Brackman
22px Dostya
  • Stylesrj was, of course, reborn

The Hokkaidō Uprising was a popular revolt that occurred in reaction to oppressive measures instituted by Captain Ryuu Tōjō.


Japan was the second country struck by the zombie menace, after the initial breakout in Moscow. choxorn, angered by Stylesrj and Mjwhear's endless crappy spam comics, went to Japan to zombify them (and anyone else he happened to run into).[1] Although the main island of Honshū and smaller islands of Shikoku and Kyushu quickly succumbed, Hokkaidō remained unmolested. Mr. Toyoda assumed authority on the island in an attempt to secure a safe zone for mainland refugees.[2] Toyoda placed Major Ryouichi Sasaki in charge of the operation while he was in Germany. Sasaki later left with a command unit to assist in the Honshū evacuation, and command trickled down to Tōjō.[3]

Reign of Tōjō

Although he was a respected field officer, Captain Tōjō was not a bureaucrat, and it showed. His attempts to improve upon the security measures already in place escalated into a dictatorial centralization of power; this combined with a personal paranoia over perceived attempts to penetrate the protected zone. Police-state authoritarianism reached an apex at the same time that Toyoda announced in a television broadcast that local police would be integrated with his security forces.[4]

Despite growing unease among Toyoda's staff, Tōjō's rule went unchallenged, partly in respect to the chain of command, and partly because Tōjō had inherited (through technicality) Toyoda's original authorization,[5] which to some is equitable to the word of God. This duplicity on the part of Toyoda's men led to the not uncommon public perception that Toyoda himself condoned Tōjō's actions. Disgruntled citizens began disorganized, sporadic campaigns of armed resistance; although these achieved little and in outlying regions went unreported.

Enter CivGeneral

CivGeneral's arrival in Hokkaidō provided a sharp morale boost to the resistors. Invigorated by the approaching Soviet army, residents of the Warsaw ghetto launched a new attack against their German—

Oh. Wait a minute...

CivGeneral's reputation preceded him, and the resistance rallied, launching fresh strikes against Toyoda's men.[6] Some officers, sensing a shift in the balance of power, also began mutinous behaviour; underground collaboration in and around Kitami, outright defiance in the outlying regions. Tōjō remained oblivious to most of these developments, disciplining Sergeant Ishikawa only after Our Heroes had Learned What They Needed To Know.[7]

Acting on Ishikawa's advice, CivGeneral and Co. met with Mejiko to claim unused Civil Protection uniforms;[7] Stylesrj tagged along for bandwagon glory.[8] They penetrated the inner sphere of Toyoda's headquarters undetected[6], despite an increase in troop deployment following choxorn's arrival on the island[9]. CivGeneral got as far as the front desk before they were discovered, triggering a vicious firefight that led straight to Tōjō's office.[6] Overpowered, the captain surrendered, recalled Sasaki, and disclosed that Toyoda was in Germany.[10] Soon afterward, choxorn burst in and attempted to zombify Stylesrj[11], who released a cloud of gas and disappeared.[12] Shortly afterward, Sasaki arrived, obliterating the zombie LAATs and killing most of choxorn's immediate henchmen.[13]


With Toyoda's whereabouts finally confirmed, CivGeneral and Co. left Sasaki to deal with his subordinate officer. CivGeneral met with Ishikawa and a Coruscanti task force delivering humanitarian aid to Kitami.[13] Ishikawa cautioned them that after the casualties Our Heroes had inflicted on his personnel, Toyoda might attempt to evade them.

He should have been worrying about Grievous.

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